Exploring the Materiality of Food 'Stuffs'

Louise Steel,Katharina Zinn
Exploring the Materiality of Food 'Stuffs'
Language: English
Total Pages: 308
Release: 2016-11-10
Revisión: 1.0
"People's embodied engagement with food and the material culture of food are central to their daily experiences and their sense of identity. This book builds upon the existing dialogue of the materiality of food by the novel addition of the material culture of food (objects used in packaging, storing, processing and consuming food). By looking at cultures spanning from ancient Egypt to 20th century Netherlands, from modern Kenya to ancient China, the interdisciplinary chapters explore the multiple interplays between foods, bodies, material worlds, rituals, and embodied knowledge that emerge from these material encounters and how this knowledge, in turn, shape the material culture of food"--Provided by publisher.